joi, 6 august 2009

Lamb Roast

I have a friend that asked for a lamb roast recipe.As he is not Romanian, the post here does not mean too much to him, so I decided to create this new entry in English.


- 1 big chomp of lamb
- 1/2 lemon
- salt,pepper,thyme
- 4 garlic pieces
- cooking oil
- 1 glass of red wine


- clean out the skin
put the chomp of lamb in a thermo-resistant pot
- put the lemon juice over the lamb
- add the salt, pepper and lots of thyme
- also add the 4 pieces of garlic, which you have to mince very well before being used
- add some water and some oil in the pot and put the pot in the oven
- while it is getting cooked in the oven, you have to open the oven at about 15 minutes, to add the juice from the pot over the roast so as not to get it too dry
- when you see the roast is almost done, you have to add the read wine over it and keep it in teh oven 15 more minutes to get the wine into the roast
- It will be delicious!!

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