joi, 14 ianuarie 2010


One of these evenings I was invited at some friends of mine for some pancakes.What was special about this pancakes, besides the fact that they were made by a nice gentleman, is that they contained apples in the leaven.I personally never made pancakes, but i will try, he gave me this recipe and I also tried to bake one that evening, so I have no longer any escuse for being lazy :D


- 3 eggs
- 0.9 l milk
- 450 gr flour
- 1 apple
- a little bit of oil for baking


- In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs and the milk; add to flour mixture, stirring only until smooth.
- Scrape the apple on the small side of the scraping tool
- Blend everything.
- Cook on a hot, greased griddle, using a little bit of oil for each pancake.
- Cook until bubbly, a little dry around the edges, and lightly browned on the bottom; turn and brown the other side.

Fill in the pancakes with cheese, jam, chocolate cream...or...anything you like...

Bon apetit!!

2 comentarii:

  1. nu pot sa cred ca nu ai facut clatite pana acum la cat de specialista esti:)

  2. Lol...indeed nu am facut inca :D asta pentru ca erau alte persoane pe langa mine care se indeletniceau cu asta.dar de cand nu mai sunt....o sa trec si asta pe lista de skilluri ;)